Before phoning us and leaving a message on our answer service, please complete the form below or send us a social media message – please kindly see below our frequently asked questions, to find out whether we are able to assist the cat(s) or kitten(s) in question.

Update March 2018: Lonely Miaow have had an extremely busy kitten season so far, and with almost 300 cats in care, we can no longer afford the cost of taking anymore cats or kittens. We are unsure when we will be able to resume our normal activity, as it depends on incoming donations and fundraising efforts. If your rescue request involves an injured cat or the threatened safety of an animal, please contact the SPCA on 09-256-7300.


A very friendly cat has been hanging around, it appears to not have a collar and has no other indication of being owned. Can you help?

Before this cat is classed as a stray or abandoned cat, please try your best to find its original owner. The cat is very friendly, which indicates that it may have been previously owned and is a lost cat. Please have a look on Pets On The Net, TradeMe, and Facebook Lost and Found Pet pages for similar appearance cats that have been reported missing. Please also try a flyer drop around your neighbourhood with the cat’s photograph and description. As the cat is friendly, if it is also handleable, please take the cat to your local Vet to scan for a microchip – we have had many instances of a reported “stray” (that was microchipped) who was reunited with their original owner in this way as the presence of a microchip is not visible through just a physical examination. It is very important to Lonely Miaow that we do not rehome a cat that may have lost its way from its owner. After you have determined through these means that the cat has no identifiable owner, please contact us to report the cat as requiring rescue.

There is a large colony of cats that I have seen, they appear to be fed by a person, or people who come regularly. What should I do?

It is likely possibility that these cats are being taken care of by a member of the SPCA Cat Coalition – if you would like to assist with their efforts in feeding, please contact SPCA Auckland to to find out further information and be put in touch with a Cat Carer near you. Lonely Miaow is not involved with feeding and maintaining colonies of cats in Auckland.

Is your service free?

Lonely Miaow is solely a volunteer organisation – apart from one contractor whose sole role is to apply for grants, all the individuals involved are volunteers, and rescue and rehabilitates cats in the hours outside of their own day-jobs. Lonely Miaow is also not a cat-removal “service”.

As we are a volunteer organisation, plus the sheer enormous number of stray cats and kittens in Auckland (even just reported to us), we will not be able to attend to your colony report immediately – there will be a wait, particularly if you are unable to trap, and transport the cats.

Whether we are able to attend to your colony report, is also dependent on the areas our cat rescue volunteers are based, and the availability of space in foster homes. In the event that you are able, we do encourage you to borrow a humane cat-trap from us, and transport the cats yourself to a local Vet.

We are also dependent on current finances, our Vet bills averages approximately $8,000 a month – which relies on the generous donations, bequests and grants bestowed upon us, so often we will ask for a donation when we take cats and kittens in.

I have cats/kittens currently in a trap.

We do not allow drop-offs at our associated Vets without prior approval. If you have been instructed by a Lonely Miaow rescuer to trap and transport the cats or kittens to a Vet with prior appointment, please check your correspondence and contact the rescuer directly.

If you are currently trapping cats or kittens at your own perogative – at short notice, the only place that you are able to take them to would be SPCA Auckland. We are not able to respond to your request in time as our emails and phone messages are only answered when volunteers are available, in addition we are not able to take in cats and kittens at short notice.

Lonely Miaow does not accept drop-offs of cats or kittens at any of our associated Vets without prior approval. PetStock stores or private foster homes do not accept drop-offs of cats or kittens from members of the public.

Reporting Stray/Abandoned Cat(s)

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