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Benji - Adopted 5/12/2018

Benji – Adopted 5/12/2018

Benji didn’t have the easiest start in life. He was found alone at just 6 weeks old and with digestion problems. Luckily,…

Cleo - Adopted 28/10/2018

Cleo – Adopted 28/10/2018

I’m just writing to say that my Husband, daughter and I have given Peach (now Cleo) a great home and she’s really part of…

Pokkel - Adopted 10/5/2018

Pokkel – Adopted 10/5/2018

Pokkel came into LMA care as Lottie, thought to be 8-10 months old, extremely underweight – and extremely pregnant! On first assessment…

Nessie - Adopted 3/4/2018

Nessie – Adopted 3/4/2018

Dumped in a bush area with her siblings, she was hungry, sick and scared.  Katness adapted very quickly to foster home life although she…

Dexter - Adopted 18/11/2017

Dexter – Adopted 18/11/2017

Tom (now Dexter) came to us with his brother very scared, hissy and had bad conjunctivitis.  We weren’t sure if they could be tamed…

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