Where's Wally? - WITH UPDATES

Where’s Wally? – WITH UPDATES

While we are officially not taking on any more kittens at the moment, sometimes we get pleas for help that we just cannot ignore.

We got word of a kitten trapped inside the wall of a house in Pakuranga, he had been there about 36 hours and the people at the house could not find him. So 10pm one of our rescuers Mel headed over to investigate.

After some knocking and banging on walls and removal of some gear we pinpointed where the cries were coming from.

Permission was obtained from the landlord to make a hole in the wall, so we drilled a large hole and poked a thru an endoscopic camera to see what we could find. After some digging and widening the hole Mel managed to extract a small hissy black and white fluff ball!

Meet Wally!

Where's Wally? - WITH UPDATES

UPDATE – 05/03/2019

Guess what popped out of the hole in Wally’s wall this morning……… That’s right his sister decided to join him!

Where's Wally? - WITH UPDATES

UPDATE – 08/03/2019

3rd wall kitten……. So far we have Wall-e and Eve, this one is a boy….

Where's Wally? - WITH UPDATES

UPDATE – 15/03/2019

We had a fourth and we hope final kitten drop out on Sunday. She hasn’t been named yet, but the tenants that found her are smitten so she has a lovely home lined up.

Where's Wally? - WITH UPDATES

We also trapped mum cat who is a lovely fluffy calico and she was desexed Monday, so hopefully there will be no more wall kittens!

Where's Wally? - WITH UPDATES

If you would like to donate towards Wally’s care and the care of the other 160 cats and kittens currently in care please visit our give a little page.