Inca & Maya - Adopted 01/12/2018

Inca & Maya – Adopted 01/12/2018

Inca and Maya, formally Neville and Nigel, came in to foster care at just 5 weeks old. From the get go they were confident little kittens, loved being pet and received lots of interest from potential adopters. Their forever family were originally planning to adopt just Neville but upon meeting Nigel, decided that they had to have him too! The kittens were still a few weeks away from being ready for adoption so their forever parents came to visit a few more times, falling more in love and started to select names. but to everyone’s surprise, when the boys went to be desexed, they turned out to be girls! Luckily their parents had fallen in love with their personalities and were still happy to welcome them in to their family, and were happy to think up new names! They are now living it up, having spent the first of many Christmases with their forever family. What’s Christmas without a cat climbing the tree??