Cleo - Adopted 28/10/2018

Cleo – Adopted 28/10/2018

I’m just writing to say that my Husband, daughter and I have given Peach (now Cleo) a great home and she’s really part of the family now. We let her outside for the first time a few weekends ago and she loved it so much, I wondered if we would see her again – she just took off and went crazy for hours – but she did come back thank goodness! We have a fenced garden with lots of trees for her to climb. There’s a few other social cats around and no dogs. She’s just the right amount of independence for us, but also very smoochy when she wants to be.

Now that she is comfortable with us, she is happy to do her own thing. She has too much fun outside in the garden chasing bugs and running around under the trees. My daughter and I love to come home after school and work and see her bound up the stairs and skid across the floor – where she’ll be met with a whole load of smooching from us both.

Many Thanks

Karen Reed