Gorgeous Luna is an adorable, playful, affectionate kitten with special needs due to unfortunately having neurological issue where she occasionally has petit mal seizures, head shakes and a little unbalanced at times. These are mostly noticed during times of over excitement.
This means she may require medication for her seizures at some point (currently not medicated) and will need a special mum and/or dad who can give her that extra special love and attention.
This is why we are offering her FREE as to ensure she finds the perfect home who can help her with her condition.
However, Lina is otherwise currently in excellent health and has lots of energy and love to give.
Once she gets to knew you, Luna is super friendly, loving, smoochy and bundle of energy.
She loves being picked up for cuddles, playing with toys running around house being goofy and especially loves treats and wet food.
Due to Luna’s neuroligical status, she needs a quiet home, to be the only cat in the household, and she needs to be strictly indoor-only to prevent her from having seizures while out and about where she could get injured.
Please don’t be concerned at her needing to be indoors, Luna is a happy indoor cat and as long as you play with her daily, she is perfectly content.
We hope that someone will give Luna a chance and a new home. Come and meet Luna now at her foster home in Hillsborough!