Pokkel - Adopted 10/5/2018

Pokkel – Adopted 10/5/2018

Pokkel came into LMA care as Lottie, thought to be 8-10 months old, extremely underweight – and extremely pregnant! On first assessment by the vets, it was thought that Lottie was a timid and unsocialised stray young cat, unsuitable for fostering and rehoming. As she was so far along in her pregnancy, she was going to come into foster care to have her babies, and then the member of public who found her was going to care for her as a desexed and returned community cat. Boy can first impressions be deceiving! When her foster mum got her home, it only took a few days for Lottie to demand belly rubs (very uncomfortable with lots of kittens in there!) and purring up a storm. Unfortunately, Lottie and her kittens became very unwell a few days after birth, and her kittens passed away despite her foster mum tube feeding them to try and get them strong enough to fight the infection. Lottie developed pneumonia, and her foster mum nursed her back to health. It was a long road, but Lottie knew she was safe and developed a lovely, smoochy nature. Due to her time on the streets, Lottie was very guarded with new people, and had upset her gut flora living off trash so had to be on gastro bikkies until her gut recovered – this made many people unsure about adopting Lottie, despite how loving she had proven to be with her foster mum.

Luckily, Susan and Andre saw Lottie’s ad. Having adopted timid cats from the SPCA in the past, they knew how timid cats could blossom with the right love and care, and wanted to give yet another animal a chance at a loving forever home (such big hearts!). Lottie became Pokkel (fitting, as she had turned into the cat bikkie burglar in her foster home!). Pokkel thought the grass was greener on the other side, as she had grown up as a street cat – so she decided to go on an adventure her first week with her new purrents! Her mum and dad never gave up on her, flyer dropping the streets and setting up a humane trap at each spot she was sighted at. After two weeks, and a terrible storm, Pokkel realised her new family was pretty alright, and the street wasn’t quite as exciting as she remembered! More like SCARY! Funnily enough, she was trapped in her own garden, and that night spent all night snuggling and getting cuddles in mum and dad’s warm bed – and she’s never left them since!

This is Pokkel, previously Lottie, we adopted her from Steph at Lonely Miaow, she’s the cuddliest, sweetest, funniest little cat we’ve ever had. She took a while to get used to us- then I lost her outside, she was gone for two weeks but we kept looking and eventually she came back to us. She’s a darling and she makes us really happy, she’s friendly with one of our other cats but the other is kinda mean to her, she takes it in her stride, bless. She’s the only cat I’ve ever met who likes being picked up and held. 
I think a cat makes a house into a home, and three is better than one.

– Susan Duckworth 

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