Oberon & Nebula - Adopted 6/5/2018

Oberon & Nebula – Adopted 6/5/2018

Oberon and Nebula came into foster care very timid and afraid of human contact. With a lot of TLC, they learned that humans were good and that they could trust their foster mums. Oberon was loud and confident, while Nebula was shy and got a lot of her confidence from her brother. Watching their dynamic, their foster mum decided they were too bonded to separate, and set out to find them a home as a pair! The perfect purrents came along, with Oberon immediately wanting attention from his mum to be, Denys, and Nebula very curious about her dad to be, Neil!

Oberon and Nebula are such amazing wee kitties, we are so lucky to have them.  The fun we have had since they came to live with us has been brilliant and we simply cannot thank Lonely Miaow and their foster mum enough. 
– Denys & Neil Kirkland

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