Izzy – Adopted 16/04/2018

When Izzy was found, she was wet, riddled with fleas and all boney, but confident. She was smaller for her age – at 6 weeks old, she had only the weight of a 3 week old kitten. She’s done wonderfully in foster care, and went to her furever home on 16/04/2018, where she’s super happy now!


We were all so excited to adopt Lilah (now renamed Izzy). Izzy is such a delight and settled in so well. She is number 1 in this house as we have no other animals so she gets lots of attention. She’s playful, affectionate and confident. She has a lovely nature and only seems to meow in the kitchen when she wants food 😂. She sleeps all night and is excellent with toilet training (always in her dirt box) so I’m very happy about that! She loves her new environment and loves to go outside and enjoys the breeze and fresh air on her face. (We have a small courtyard fully fenced so at this stage she can’t get out from here and we let her out a couple of times a day supervised for about 10 mins). Izzy has been very spoilt with lots of cuddles and is getting to know us well. She will be forever loves 💕. Thanks Lonely Miaow and Melanie for saving and rearing this kitten into such a beautiful girl 😊

– Vanessa