Fizzy & Pixie - Adopted 15/3/2018

Fizzy & Pixie – Adopted 15/3/2018

Fizzy and Pixie were from a litter of kittens surrendered by the owner of their mum. She was worried they were too small, and was offering them free to a good home. They might have been little, but they made up for that in energy! Their mum was a small cat, and after a health check up we confirmed they were pint sized but healthy!

When Kim, Craig, and their daughters came to meet the girls, Fizzy and Pixie’s foster mum could tell immediately that this was their perfect home. Kim was doting on them already, they were already daddy’s girls with Craig, and their daughters were both nurturing (their eldest) and respectful but playful (their youngest). Kim and Craig preadopted the girls and prepared them a wonderful welcoming environment. As you can see from the pictures, the girls settled in immediately!


We are so in love with Fizzy and Pixie, we came home from swimming and their cute poppet faces popped out from snuggled in out bed pillows! 😻😻

These two are gorgeous 😻😻 they have settled in amazing ! Sleep at our heads & snuggle in… We love it!!!

– Kim & Craig