Rick - Adopted 21/10/2017

Rick – Adopted 21/10/2017

Rick was trapped with his son Morty when he protectively followed him into a manual trap. At first he was a very mean guy – the vet even told us he would be a TNR case – but after he forgave us for taking his family jewels, he decided he really loved this people business! Within a few days of having him back in his foster home from his desex surgery, he was coming to clicking fingers and giving his foster mum lots of rubs. Once he was welcomed into the communal areas of his foster home to let him feel what family life was like, he became more loyal than a dog. He would follow his foster mum around, slept on her and her flatmates, and gave everyone lots of cuddles and purrs on the daily. Ricky didn’t even get a chance to be advertised, as Jennifer and her family had been in touch with another foster home and had told her that they wanted a cat that acted like a dog – the foster mum knew exactly who to send them to! They fell in love with Ricky immediately, and Ricky them. It was a match made in heaven, with kids for Ricky to “parent” and be protective over like he was with Morty and the kittens in his foster home.

Lonely Miaow has helped us find a dog-like cat, and he has made us so happy… a wonderful companion for the whole family. Rick brings us such joy… thank you so much for all your care and love for these cats 🙂