Peanut & Comet - Adopted 18/10/2017

Peanut & Comet – Adopted 18/10/2017

Peanut and Comet were rescued by a member of the public due to be being abandoned by previous owners in the street.  They spent the next few years with each other and many other cats this man had rescued.  However he reached out to us for help as he couldn’t keep them all of them and four cats were rescued.  Peanut and Comet were always best friends and very friendly.  Their foster mum knew of a lady who would have been perfect to adopt them together after losing her cat recently.  She did indeed adopt together and are extremely happy in their new home as just the two kids of the house!


Peanut 6 and Comet 11 years were rescued from a cat colony where they had been together all Peanut’s life. I adopted them on 18 October 2017.

Because of illness and infection, they had had to have most of their teeth removed and Comet had bad conjunctivitis. Now both boys are healthy and full of energy and definitely enjoy their food despite the lack of teeth! Both were friendly right from the beginning but still a little guarded. Over time, Peanut and Comet have grown in confidence and are now relaxed, smoochy and so clearly enjoy having their own property and owner to “guard.” They have introduced themselves to the neighbour and call her deck “home” too. She and I just love them. I’m so pleased I adopted both boys. They are well bonded and are an absolute delight to watch as they play with each other or attack my laptop bag, couch or random pieces of fluff!

Thanks, Sarah and Sabine for introducing me to Peanut and Comet after my elderly cat passed away. The boys are so right for me and they are blissfully happy in their new life. I would always recommend people looking for cats to go to the Lonely Miaow – they can find you the perfect cat to suit your home.

– Louise