Indie - Adopted 9/10/2017

Indie – Adopted 9/10/2017

Rescued from a property where owner had rescued stray cats left behind by others and was looking after them.  As he was about to move he could not care for all of them anymore so surrendered four of fourteen cats to Lonely Miaow.  Blue Eyes (now Indy) was pretty timid so foster mum was pretty patient with him and patience paid off as he enjoyed cuddles and hanging with his sibling.  Susannah instantly took a liking to his breed, colouring and loved to care for cats who were a little more afraid in life than others.  He has blossomed in his new home and new sibling.


Indie joined my family in October 2017 and although he was super shy felt safe with me from the start. Within a day he was rolling around for me and smooching and putting before heading back to his safe corner to nest.

My boy Rusty was curious right from the start and as soon as Indie let him (after intro) was busy grooming Indie’s face and ears before they’d play fight.

After all his regular and FIV shots Indie is now a free ranging cat who despises collars but loves his pats. He enjoys announcing himself at 5am and whenever he enters if I’m home. A yowly type call which has earned him the nickname Ptyerodactyl boy.

All the kids are now settled but my oldest girl Monkey is definitely the boss, and he is respectful but affectionate.

So cute when they all sleep close together. As it’s cooling down he’s in more and feels more at ease. As always I give him space but lots of love and a bit of time and it’ll keep getting better. So glad I saw his bio and reached out.

– Susannah