Pablo - Adopted 30/6/2017

Pablo – Adopted 30/6/2017

Prince (now Pablo) was a colony kitten and initially was to be desexed and released, however his foster mum kept him a few days longer to be able to administer his pain relief. During that time she quickly realised that he had a lot of potential in being tamed and adoptable. She decided to keep him in her home with other foster kittens (some of the same colony) and he blossomed over the weeks to a smoochy loving beautiful boy. He was still shy with other strangers so needed the right owner he could learn to trust and love, and he found just that!


I got this dapper looking fellow when he was 11 months old, he was named Prince, he is now, Pablo Escobar also known as, Pibble Pabble, Pibbling Pabbling Poe, Pabaloski and a few other names – under a year ago. He was a Feral Cat that Lonely Miaow saw potential in. I saw him and couldn’t get over his markings and his ear which he obviously lost in a gang fight on the streets (just kidding, was to mark he had been desexed and released back to feral land), so of course he came home with me. He went from being a scared fluff ball hiding behind the curtains, to a confident loving sassy panted smooch, who now loves to be cuddled and kissed. He loves climbing trees, fracturing his tail hasn’t put him off this either. He can be often heard galavanting around on the roof of the house, even at night, when it’s pitch black. He ADORES my dog, he really wants to adore my two girl cats, they sometimes let him, but most of the time he’s trying to act tough and failing with them. He’s useless at hunting birds, which is fantastic, he’s a rat killer! Although I think the girls feel sorry for him and actually give him theirs. He’s more a bug hunter, watch out flies. He’s an avid watcher of Game of Thrones and is quite keen on Vikings. He’s come a long way from the streets of Auckland, to the Bush on Waiheke Island

– Susanne