I adopted Bellatrix a couple of years ago when she was a tiny kitten. I renamed her Treacle to go with my 2 rescue brothers Flapjack (in photos) and Liquorice.
She’s the tortie in the pics and just loves Tabby Flapjack as you can see!
She’s turned into a hunter and during spring and summer I have regular ‘presents’ almost every day. Mice, rat, crickets, cockroaches, birds and fish. Yes I did type fish, most of the time I rescue the poor critters and set them free or take them to rescue centres for nursing back to health. Was hoping she’d grow out of it but she’ll be 3 in December!
She broke her left front leg in February last year an oblique fracture which was pinned and plated for $6k!! She’s worth it though!!
She’s very affectionate, has a morning cuddle before I go to work! She likes her toys, wooden clothes pegs and playing fetch! She’s nuts but my kinda nuts, so glad she’s part of my family despite the wildlife she brings in!!