Adoption Process


Cats and kittens make wonderful pets, providing warm and affectionate companionship for both young and old. When adopting a cat or kitten, you accept the long-term responsibility to provide suitable care and quality of life for them.
The following information will help you understand your responsibilities and outlines the procedures involved when adopting a cat or kitten from Lonely Miaow.

Adoption Considerations

  • Can you commit to being their FOREVER HOME?

    Our rescues have come from a tough life – most are either born on the streets to a homeless mum, or an owned cat that was abandoned by the people that they need the most. Can you give them a forever home and is committed to a lifetime of care for them? Usually 15 to 20 years. Please consider your living situation and your plans before contacting our foster homes to adopt a cat or kitten.
  • Can you devote the time to a pet?

    Cats and kittens, despite being very independent pets, still rely on you for their daily feeding and other needs. Do you have the time available each day to clean their litter box, feed them, groom them if necessary and provide them with good companionship?
  • Affordability

    Cats and kittens require regular fleaing and worming, particularly if they are indoor-outdoor. Are you able to commit to the ongoing cost of an annual check-up to the Vet, plus the ongoing cost of food, litter, vaccinations, flea and worming treatments for the next 15-20 years?
  • Your Family and Your Other Pets

    Please read each Foster Home’s description carefully. Most of our young kittens have grown up in busy Foster Homes and has had much handling, it will usually say in the description of the kitten whether they grew up in a busy home, or with other pets. Other older kittens and cats have not had as much luck in being born into a loving Foster home, and usually have had to rough it out there with many dangers, so understandably will need some time to settle into your home. Please take this into consideration when you are choosing your cat or kitten, talk to the Foster Home as much as you can about the personality of the cat or kitten you are wanting to adopt to ensure that you find the right fit for your family.

The Adoption Process

  • Contact the Foster Home

    Phone, email or text the foster home to discuss the cat or kitten that you are interested in. Our foster homes are located throughout Auckland – and their locations are available on their listing. Discuss an appropriate time and date that both the foster home and you agree to to meet the cat or kitten.
  • Pre-adoption

    Pre-adoption is the process we sometimes use for adopting out kittens that are not yet ready to go home with the adopter. Cats and kittens are only authorised to be released to their new homes, once they have had desexing, microchip, vaccination and regular flea and worming treatments with our Vets. If you would like to reserve them to adopt them, we will ask for a non-refundable $50 pre-adoption fee in order to reserve the kitten for you.
  • Preparing your home

    If you have made up your mind to adopt a cat or a kitten – please prepare your home for their arrival. Essential items include:
    • Secure cat carrier (we recommend a carrier than opens from the top)
    • Cat food (wet and dry)
    • Litter
    • Litter box and scoop
    • Food and water bowl/s
    • Soft bed or box or basket with bedding for them to sleep on
    Set these items up in a isolated room for your potential adoptee to arrive – we suggest doing this prior to collecting your cat or kitten.
  • Meeting and bringing your pet home

    In the case that the cat or kitten you are going to see is not a pre-adoption, and you would like to be ready to bring your potential adoptee home with you immediately – please bring with you the following:
    • Secure cat carrier (we recommend a carrier than opens from the top)
    • Adoption fee in cash – please see here for adoption fees
    Unfortunately we are unable to authorise release of the cat or kitten until the above two criteria has been met.
    Once you have decided on the cat or kitten that you would like to adopt – the foster home will ask you to complete an adoption contract – which is important for registering your new pet’s microchip, and is a record of ownership. The foster home will also discuss with you whether you would like to have the free PetPlan 4 weeks instant cover for cats and kittens between 8 weeks and 8 years of age.